Monday, November 30

Tommy going to LA to meet media bosses

I'm off to the USA in October for three weeks filming then off to visit a nice man from 20th Century Fox when I get to LA. Maybe when its fdinished I can ger rare and racey to sell it for me?

Just wanted to share that with you folks


Anonymous said...

how is he going to wriggle out of this one?

Saltdean Sofa Soaker said...
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Anonymous said...

so covert goes to hollywood to meet zog media bosses!!! so he is still a WN lol bet he and howard move house asap...

Anonymous said...

did covert stop over at new york en-route? wonder how much he was paid for the 3 weeks work? since when do neo nazis get to work for channel 4? channel 4 run the despatches programme too. what other work have they done for media?

Anonymous said...

if anyone wishes to ask tommy for his side of the story he can be found below:

72 Bowshaw Close
South Yorkshire
S8 8FB